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In another life, Karma Salman would have been an architect. Despite her chosen path, she has kept her second passion within her sphere of creativity. Often visiting Baalbeck, located in the fertile plains of the Beqaa Valley, the ancient temples drive her inspiration. The stately ruins of the Roman Heliopolis provide the genesis for her Baalbeck line of jewellery, comprising of four different rings and a bracelet. The breathtaking columns of the Baalbeck temples are paralleled in Karma’s ring designs - ornate pillars make up the ring band which hug the wearer’s finger, creating a beautiful aesthetic, that is finished with a gentle underside opening for added comfort. Like sunlight hitting the Temple of Bacchus on a Spring dawn, the Baalbeck rings mimic the play of light and shadow.

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Made of ethically mined 18-carat gold, adorned with diamonds or baguettes, encrusted with mother of pearl and colorful stones – the Baalbeck pieces are veritable miniature architectural sculptures. The collection is a blend of contemporary minimalism and baroque motifs, resulting in an aesthetic that is unmistakably Karma’s own. Paying homage to local craftsmanship and a love-pledge to Karma’s homeland, all the pieces are handmade in Lebanon. Whether it be on a delicate finger or elegant wrist, Karma wishes for the wearer to immerse themselves into a wondrous and enchanting architectural landscape from our past…

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